Examination results

At DIAGDENT, you will receive your test results immediately after they are performed. Waiting for the result in our facility takes up to 10 minutes. We care about our patients' time! Fast appointments, short examination time and almost immediate results are a great time-saver for our patients.

Test results can be issued on several media, the most common being CD and film (2D examinations). Results should be viewed and interpreted by doctors because of the expertise they possess.

On-line results

If you have expressed a desire to receive access to online examinations during your visit to our facility you can download your examinations from the Diagdent Patient Portal (Portal Pacjenta Diagdent).
Just click on the button below and then enter your login information.
2D examination files (e.g., pantomogram) are saved in jpg format. 3D examination files (CBCT scans) are saved in dcm format, and a dedicated viewer is required to open them, which can be downloaded from the Patient Portal. The digital tooth scan image files are saved in stl format and can be opened with a Windows browser.


on-line results


  • Supports both 2D and 3D examinations
  • Includes image viewing software, so the doctor does not have to install any software on their computer
  • Thanks to the special DIAGDENT software, reading the results is even easier
  • 2D examinations (e.g. pantomogram, cephalometry) are saved in .jpg and KODAK formats
  • 3D examinations are saved in .dcm format together with image viewing software that does not require installation on your computer as it should open the examinations by itself.
Flash drive

  • Universal, modern data carrier
  • Reusable
  • Convenient to store - in the form of a card that can be kept in your wallet
  • Capacity 8 Gb
  • The content of the pendrive is the same as the content of a CD
Medical film (2D examinations only)

  • We print medical films using a specialised medical printer – KODAK Carestream DryView 5700, which ensures high quality, accuracy as well as sharp and clear images. By applying a unique photothermographic process, we can develop the exposed film without the use of water and liquid reagents.
  • We print pantomographic and cephalometric photos in 25×30 cm format.
  • Receiving examination results in the form of a medical film is not always necessary. Results in this form are usually only printed in specific cases at the request of the doctor.
E-mail (2D examinations only)

  • Some results can also be sent by email. Due to limitations in transferring large files, we only send results in .jpg format by email, e.g. cephalometry and pantomogram results.
  • To receive the result by email, you will have to sign a special consent, which is related to the storage and transfer of medical data.
Doctors' portal (Portal Lekarza)

  • An increasing number of examinations, with the patient's consent, are being made available directly to dentists via the Diagdent Doctor's Portal (Portal Lekarza Diagdent). This is a very convenient solution, which allows the doctor to receive the result within just a few moments after the examination.
  • Some dentists prefer to use CDs, so we recommend that you also bring this medium with you to your appointment.
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