(also known as a cephalometric radiograph)

Basic information about the examination:

Name: Cephalometry
Duration: 0,5-3 seconds
Radiation dose: 7-12 µSv
Whether a referral is required:
Does it require preparation for the examination:


What is cephalometry?

Cephalometry is one of the varieties of extraoral radiographs, i.e., radiographs that do not require a camera to be placed inside the mouth. It is an X-ray. In this type of examination, the radiation dose is only 7-12 µSv, exactly the same as in a panoramic X-ray. Although cephalometry can be performed in three different projections (lateral, posterior-anterior and axial), lateral cephalometry is by far the most commonly performed. This type of photograph shows the soft tissues of the face, the paranasal sinuses and the hard palate.

When should cephalometry be performed?

In dentistry, cephalometric images are used primarily in orthodontics. Cephalometry is performed in cases such as:

  • orthodontic treatment and planning of orthodontic procedures
  • assessment of bone age and its measurements
  • documentation of condition before and after treatment
  • diagnosis of malocclusion
  • diagnosis of cranial malformations
  • craniofacial growth assessment


Preparation for the examination

Although no special preparations are necessary before the visit, any objects containing metal, such as jewellery, piercings, glasses, removable dentures or braces, hair clips or rubber bands with metal connections should be removed from the head and neck area just before the examination. Metal (including precious metal) becomes visible on cephalometry so clearly that it could obscure the examined structures.


Course of the examination

The cephalometric examination takes only 3 seconds, and in the case of a device with "one shot" technology, such as the one in our facility in Saska Kępa (Praga Południe) - just 0.5 seconds. Before the examination, the radiographer instructs the patient to stand upright in a designated place. Special plugs are placed in the patient's ears, and a tape measure is placed at the base of the nose. The patient is asked to swallow saliva and gently clench the teeth in a natural bite with the mouth closed. After the examination, after only a few minutes, the patient receives the result on a CD (to find out about other media on which the examinations are issued, click here - EXAMINATION RESULTS.

The most important element of the examination is compliance with the instructions of the attending radiographer. The above description of the examination may vary from case to case.

Where can I get a cephalometry?

The cephalometric radiograph can be performed in our laboratories in Warsaw and Wrocław. Our branches in Warsaw are located in the following districts: Białołęka, Bielany, Centrum, Praga Południe, Tarchomin, Ursynów and Włochy. Our facility in Wrocław is located in the Stare Miasto district. We ensure a comfortable visit and the highest quality of examinations performed on modern diagnostic equipment by qualified staff of radiographers in each of the locations. Contact us! You are cordially invited!

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