Periapical X-ray

(also called: dental X-ray, dental radiograph)

Basic information about the examination:

Name: Periapical X-ray
Duration: up to 5 seconds
Radiation dose: up to 5 µSv
Whether a referral is required:
Does it require preparation for the examination:


What is a periapical X-ray?

A periapical X-ray is an image created using X-rays to assess the condition of a specific, individual tooth. It is the most commonly performed dental radiology procedure. Is X-ray dangerous to my health? No. The radiation dose in this examination is only up to 5 µSv (for comparison, the radiation dose taken daily by a resident of Poland from natural sources is 6.8 µSv), which makes the examination neutral to the patient's health.

When should a periapical X-ray be performed?

The indications for this type of examination may vary. You may be referred for a periapical X-ray when you experience painful symptoms, but its performance is also necessary for many types of treatment and diagnosis. X-rays are most commonly performed on patients in cases such as:

  • treatment of caries
  • treatment of inflammatory conditions (dental inflammation, dental pulp inflammation, periapical tissue inflammation)
  • planning tooth extraction
  • suspected lesions
  • root canal treatment, endodontic treatment
  • diagnosis following painful and non-painful symptoms


Preparation for the examination

Although there is no need to prepare before the visit, any metal elements in the vicinity of the examined area, e.g. removable dentures or piercing elements in the lip, should be removed just before the examination.


Where can I get a periapical X-ray?

The examination can be performed in all Diagdent laboratories in Warsaw and Wrocław. We invite you to our branches in the following districts in Warsaw: Białołęka, Bielany, Centrum, Praga Południe, Tarchomin, Ursynów and Włochy. You can also visit our facility in Wrocław (Stare Miasto district). Professional staff of radiographers, modern diagnostic equipment, pleasant atmosphere during the visit, and short examination time - these are our priorities! Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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