Digital dental photography

Digital dental photography, other names: photographic protocol, photographic report, digital patient portrait.

Name: Dental photography
Duration: ~ 20 - 30 min.
Radiation dose: none
Whether a referral is required:
Does it require preparation for the examination:


Dental photography – supporting traditional diagnostics

Dental photography is a modern and safe method of supplementing a patient’s medical records. It not only includes photographs of the teeth, but also of the mouth and face. Close-up photographs of the dentition are helpful when planning and evaluating treatment results. Portrait photographs of the patient are an essential part of the smile design process.


Why is dental photography important?

The changes that occur in the patient’s mouth during treatment are virtually impossible to track without any specialist aids. A set of dental images makes the doctor’s work easier, in that it allows analysing progress in corrective procedures for malocclusion and other cases. Digital photography combined with a pantomogram, cephalometry or intra-oral scan gives the physician a comprehensive diagnostic overview of the patient situation. The images also ensure that the patient stays confident that the dentist is sticking to the agreed treatment plan.


Taking a good dental photograph

For optimum photo documentation suitable digital photo kits consisting of a camera, lens and lighting are required. Our photographic kit is in a class of its own. Of course, technically advanced equipment is not everything. You also need to know how to use its capabilities. Our specialists take care of the necessary details that determine whether a photo shoot is successful.

  • Exposure – adequate lighting is crucial to image quality. The result of poor lighting will be poor image quality.
  • Angle – shooting at the wrong angle will result in a bad picture
  • Frame – in order to take a good picture, the dental mirrors and retractors must be positioned correctly. If this is not done correctly, the photographer will not be able to capture the image.
  • Magnification – skilful handling of the magnification feature is needed to produce valuable photo documentation.


Dental photographic documentation is the starting point for analysis and a precise treatment plan, so the photographic material must be of the highest quality. We know how to take the best photos!


When do I need a digital photographic protocol?

The digital photographic protocol is a procedure to complement other types of dental diagnostics. The photographic material can be used, for example, in orthodontic treatment (using traditional braces as well as orthodontic systems based on transparent aligners) as well as implantology. It is also a valuable tool supporting the work of prosthodontists, surgeons and aesthetic practitioners.
Advantages of taking a digital photographic protocol:

  • precise assessment of successive stages of treatment
  • documenting the effects of completed dental treatment
  • completion of a set of medical records
  • improved communication with the prosthetics laboratory
  • the design basis of a natural-looking smile


Do I need special preparation for the appointment?

How do you prepare for dental photos? Here are some important tips. Take care of your oral hygiene before the examination - we have disposable toothbrushes for patients in our laboratory. The day before and on the day of the examination, it is a good idea to apply moisturising lipstick. All jewellery should be removed from the head and neck area. Please also refrain from wearing clothing that covers the neck. The face should be without make-up, or very natural make-up that does not alter the facial features. Long hair should be tied up so that the ears are completely exposed. Active herpes, aphthous and inflammation of the corners of the mouth are contraindications to the examination. Bacterial infections can easily occur. If you have any of these conditions, you should wait until you are completely cured.


What does a dental photo shoot look like?

The dental photographic protocol is a set of approximately twenty high-quality extra-oral and intra-oral photographs. Our photographer takes full face shots, profile shots and dental photos. The patient is asked to smile and then, after muscle relaxation, also a natural, relaxed view of their face is captured. A series of intra-oral photos are taken using mirrors and retractors (dental instruments that provide comfortable access to the mouth and better exposure of the teeth). The photo session takes about 20 to 30 minutes. In that time, the patient is in a comfortable sitting position.


How much does a dental photo shoot cost?

Diagdent offers the best deals on imaging procedures, and has done so for many years. Currently, the price for the dental photographic protocol is only PLN 120. The protocol is also available as part of selected diagnostic packages, which also combine other services in several attractively priced offers. A detailed price list of all examinations and packages available at our facilities can be found here.


Where can I have a professional dental photo taken?

For dental photos and other digital examinations, please, visit us at the Diagdent Centrum in the centre of Warsaw, 36 Emilii Plater Street or at the Diagdent Wrocław in the centre of Wrocław, 14 Sądowa Street. We guarantee patient comfort, high quality, as well as professional and friendly service staff. Contact us!

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